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Are you searching for patient care management software, patient record management software, or electronic medical records software? At MD Revenue & Recovery Management, we’re experts in practice management, private practice business support, and revenue cycle optimization. We know there’s a lot to consider, and that’s why we’re answering the most frequently asked questions below. Have a question? Contact us today

“What Can I Expect?”

Simply put, you can expect that the MD Revenue & Recovery Management team is here to provide personal attention, partnering with you to ensure that your business is as profitable as possible. In other words, we’ll help with the business side of things, allowing you to spend your valuable time with patients. It’s a win/win!

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“What Kind of Services Are Offered?”

Our services include Doctible, Cost Reduction Consulting, CredentialsNOW, DentiMax, VirtualCare, iClaim, QuickCollect, AuditGuard, CodeRite, iDocsNow, and CompliancyGuard. Simply put, we offer an entire suite of services designed with one goal in mind — to increase your practice’s efficiency, maximize your revenue, and set you up for long-term success.

“How Does It Work?”

At MD Revenue & Recovery Management, we’re dedicated to reducing your expenses and increasing the net yield of your practice. This ensures that you’re able to focus your time and energy elsewhere. Ultimately, this is a part of our mission to provide the support you need through revenue cycle solutions that are customized to suit your specific situation.

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“Do You Offer Free Consultations?”

We are proud to offer a free practice analysis to help you understand the exact areas in which your practice could benefit from assistance. We’ll provide you with a detailed report showcasing our findings and recommendations that helps to address the unique needs of your practice.

At MD Revenue & Recovery Management, our mission is to be an asset to your business. Have further questions? Feel free to contact us today. Ready to get an analysis for your business? Schedule a free practice analysis now.

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